Theft and Fraud

Theft and fraud charges, also known as “property offenses”, fall under two categories depending on the value of what has been allegedly stolen: theft and fraud under $5000 or theft and fraud over $5000.

Penalties for Theft and Fraud

For those charges falling under $5000 the possible consequences vary. Depending on the criminal history of the accused, charges under $5000 can often be resolved without having to go to trial and without a resulting criminal conviction.

Theft or fraud over $5000 is considered a very serious violation of the Criminal Code that can result in harsh sentencing, including incarceration to a maximum of ten years.

Regardless of whether the charge is under or over $5000, a theft or fraud conviction can have a significant impact on your current and future employment opportunities, your immigration status if you are not a Canadian citizen, your other personal freedoms as well as your reputation and the reputation of your family.

Do I have a defense?

With the right legal counsel, a pre-trial solution that avoids the potential for a criminal record can be sought and often secured. Vishal Sharma can help you demonstrate your remorse and take the appropriate actions to right your wrongdoing in a way that is favourable to the courts. If you have been charged with theft or fraud, call Vishal Sharma to find out more about the steps you should be taking immediately.