Domestic Assault

Domestic assault uses the same base definition as assault but applies only to those assaults that take place within the context of a romantic relationship.

Penalties for Assault

The maximum penalty for a domestic assault conviction is five years of prison time and a permanent criminal record. It may also affect your ability to travel outside of Canada and, if sexual in nature, may result in registration on the SOIRA.

The courts take domestic assault even more seriously than other forms of assault. It is far more difficult for an individual to avoid a criminal conviction when charged with a domestic offense. Canadian law dictates that the domestic nature of this charge makes the act worse than had it occurred outside of the romantic relationship.

Do I have a defense?

With the legal assistance of Vishal Sharma, you may be able to secure a sentence that does not involve jail time or a criminal record if you are a first offender. There are programs and other courses of action that can improve your chance of receiving a lighter sentence, but ensuring you meet the requirements for these offers requires the legal know-how that only a professional can provide. Facing a criminal charge of domestic assault on your own is reckless and can harm your chances of securing a lighter sentence than you otherwise would. Call Vishal Sharma now if you have been charged with domestic assault.