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Practice Areas

When you’re looking for the best possible result, you need an attorney who knows every detail about you and your case. Sharma Law takes the time to get to know each and every client, so we’re in the best position to defend you when it matters most. Backed by proven results and experience at Ontario’s highest levels of court, Sharma Law specializes in Personal Injury, Criminal Law, and Regulatory Offenses.

Personal Injury

Injuries caused by the negligence of others can be physically, emotionally, and financially devastating for victims and their families. If you’ve been injured, you need a personal injury lawyer who knows how to fight for the compensation you deserve.

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Criminal Law

A criminal charge can impact the rest of your life. With stakes that high, it’s critical to hire a highly skilled criminal lawyer to protect yourself and your rights.

Our practice areas include drug offenses, impaired driving (DUI) offenses, violent offenses, and more. Select More Information to find out why Vishal Sharma is the defense lawyer you need on your side.

Regulatory Offences

Although they’re often thought of as quasi-criminal, many regulatory offenses carry severe consequences and penalties. The complexity of regulatory statutes – and the potential consequences of your charge –  are reason enough alone to seek the advice and expertise of an attorney.

Sharma Law has experience with all the regulatory statutes governing life in Ontario. Select More Information to learn about regulatory offenses. 

About us

Sharma Law was founded by Vishal Sharma, a sole proprietor who recognized that the best way to represent someone in a court of law, is to know them. That’s why Vishal takes the time to deal directly with his clients and build relationships founded on mutual trust – only through that depth of understanding can we devise a strategy tailored to your needs and desired outcome. Whether it’s fighting for the level of compensation you deserve after an injury, defending your rights in a criminal court, or helping you navigate a regulatory offense, Vishal Sharma is committed to justice for each and every person who walks through his door.


We are committed to achieving successful results for every client and case. We accomplish this by providing exceptional legal advice and strategies based on a thorough understanding of your case and your desired outcomes.



Our commitment to achieving the most successful result for every client and case goes hand in hand with our core values. These are the 5 principles by which we conduct ourselves and that define every interaction you have with the team at Sharma Law.

Accessibility. We pride ourselves on being available to you at any time and through whatever means best suits your needs.

Communication. We are in constant communication regarding any and all pertinent information and we strive to be straightforward and transparent.

Confidentiality. We build relationships based on mutual trust and respect, which means your case and any details you share with us are completely confidential.

Ethical behavior. We abide by the highest standard of ethical behavior and we maintain that integrity in all of our activities.

Approachability. We encourage feedback from our clients so that we can continually work toward providing the best representation available.


The law is dynamic and ever-changing. Let us keep you updated on our firm and the most recent changes effecting you and your case.

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Featured Content

The justice system is complex and requires specialized knowledge to navigate. We believe that everyone should have access to that knowledge, which is why we’ve dedicated our blog to translating the most important cases into something you can understand.

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Sharma Law continues to provide free consultations and legal representation to current and new clients.

We are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week via Zoom. Utilizing this innovative technology, in-person meetings are not required, and we completely eliminate any health risks to our clients and our community at large.

If you do not have access to the internet or you are unable to participate in Zoom calls, we are happy to accommodate you in our office where you can meet one-on-one with Vishal. We have personal protective equipment for clients and their families as well as hand sanitizer and implements to ensure social distancing.

Meet the Team

Headed by Vishal Sharma, the team at Sharma Law consists of highly professional and experienced Clerks and Legal Assistants. Every team member shares in the belief that knowing our clients is the most important aspect of representing them.

Mary Punzalan

Office Manager

LaChelle John

Law Clerk

Lilit Davtyan

Legal Assistant

Daun Wright

Productions Clerk

Kind Words From Clients

Vishal has exceeded all expectations I had. He worked professionally and diligently. Vishal exhibits strong professional communication with myself and my family. He prioritizes the interests and needs of the client. He is there for his clients when needed, he is very clear and understanding when explaining what to expect when having a case. He puts his clients first. Always there to answer any questions whether it be by text, email, or call. It’s been a pleasure having you as a lawyer and I cannot thank you enough!


Vishal and his staff were courteous, responsive and communicated with me throughout the process. He personally responded to my emails and phone calls within the same day. He is a personal injury expert. My family’s future is protected and I am happy with the result.


Vishal was very responsive and professional from the start. Wasn’t hesitant to answer any of my questions or assist with my needs in my personal injury case along the way. A lot of the time I dealt with him one on one personally instead of an assistant. I would recommend him in a heartbeat and I am so glad I chose to work with him… If you want someone who is reliable and efficient I would definitely recommend him!



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