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Surveillance and Tort Claims

The general Canadian public is surveilled almost every minute they’re outside of their homes and in public spaces. We’re surveilled at banks and malls, on streets and public parks, and even as we browse the world wide web. While there is very little restriction on...

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Surveillance and Accident Benefits

Did you know that it’s completely within an insurance companies rights to have you followed, photographed, and videotaped? In many cases where an injured party makes a claim under the Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule (SABS), this right will be exercised. The...

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Pierringer Agreements

By some estimates, the cost of a three-day trial in civil court can amount to more than $60,000. With costs in that range, it may be in your or opposing parties best interest to settle a civil suit before going to trial. But can you do that when you’re involved in a...

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The Tomec Decision

Did you know that if you’re injured in a motor vehicle accident in Ontario, you’re entitled to Statutory Accident Benefits (SABS) regardless of who was at fault? For non-catastrophic injuries, there’s a limit on how long you can receive those benefits. The amount and...

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COVID and Business Interruption

In a study of nearly 11,000 Canadian small businesses, 22% answered that their revenue had dropped to 0$ during the COVID-19 pandemic. Businesses across Canada are struggling to keep afloat amid mandatory closures and reductions in operations. If you’re the owner of...

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