Boating Accidents

With hundreds of lakes to choose from and much of the short summer spent recreationally enjoying them, it comes as no surprise that hundreds of people in Ontario are injured in boating and water sport accidents every year. Boating accidents are usually the result of negligent boaters and they can cause severe injury, sometimes permanent and always with an economic impact to the injured. Unlike motor vehicle accidents which are more widely understood, a boating accident claim that seeks appropriate and justified retribution for injuries and damages requires significant expertise to be successful. It is important that the correct reports are filed with the appropriate authorities and missing just one of the necessary steps could result is the dismissal of your claim before you ever had a chance. Vishal Sharma knows how devastating a boating accident can be, both to your body and to your property. From the minute you seek his help, Vishal Sharma covers acts as your representative to reluctant insurance companies and ensures your claim covers everything you are entitled to.

Accident Services

Accidents happen - don't let it ruin your life