Winter Property Maintenance in Canada: Sidewalks, Liability, and Legal Protection

Maintaining your property during the winter months in Canada is not just about safety and convenience—it’s also about avoiding legal liabilities. Slip and fall accidents on icy sidewalks can result in legal claims and financial consequences. In this blog, we’ll emphasize the importance of winter property maintenance and provide guidance on protecting yourself from potential lawsuits.

Winter Property Maintenance Responsibilities:

As a property owner in Canada, it’s essential to be aware of your winter property maintenance responsibilities. These duties primarily revolve around keeping sidewalks safe for pedestrians during the cold season.

Snow and Ice Removal

Promptly clear snow and ice from your sidewalks after a snowfall. Familiarize yourself with local bylaws that specify the timeframe for this task.

Salting and Sanding

To reduce slipperiness on icy sidewalks, use salt or sand. However, avoid excessive use of salt, as it can damage the concrete.

Liability Insurance

Consider liability insurance to protect yourself from potential legal claims resulting from slip and fall accidents on your property. This insurance offers financial coverage if someone is injured and sues you.

Keep Detailed Records

Maintain records of your winter property maintenance activities. Document when you cleared snow or ice, repaired hazards, or applied salt or sand. These records can be valuable evidence in case of legal claims.

Legal Consultation

If you have concerns about your property’s liability in the winter or are unsure about local regulations, consult with a legal professional from Sharma Law who specializes in property and liability matters. We at Sharma Law can provide tailored advice to help protect you from potential lawsuits.

Winter property maintenance in Canada, particularly regarding sidewalks, is not only about safety but also about minimizing legal liabilities. By fulfilling your winter maintenance duties, considering liability insurance, keeping detailed records, and seeking legal guidance when necessary, you can protect yourself from the legal risks associated with slip and fall accidents. These proactive steps will not only safeguard your property but also ensure your financial well-being during the winter months.

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