Personal Injury


Disability Claims (Long & Short


Disability Insurance is usually provided through a group benefits plan to offer the support that an employee needs when they are unable to work. Disability can be claimed for a vast and diverse range of physical impairments or psychological conditions that prevent an employee from performing their job.



Every insured driver in Ontario is covered under the Insurance Act. Under the regulations set out in this Act, automobile insurance policies are required to provide a minimum of no-fault coverage. Any driver, passenger or pedestrian that has been hurt in a motor vehicle accident is entitled to apply for Accident Benefits. 

Wronful Death

There is nothing more emotionally difficult and traumatic than losing a loved one. When that death is caused by the negligent or willful act of another individual, that loss is amplified by confusion, anger and a need for answers. The wrongful death of someone we love carries with it heavy financial burdens along with already crushing emotional distress.

Tort Claims

Under Canadian Tort Law, you have the right to seek compensation for damages to you or your property that resulted from another person’s wrongful act. Tort claims seek compensation for victim’s that have sustained personal injuries causing physical, emotional, or psychological suffering, as well as any damage to property or even financial injuries.

Medical Malpractice

Every year, approximately 70,000 Canadians experience serious but preventable injury because of medical malpractice. You trust your doctors with your health and wellbeing – and their mistakes put your life at risk. The serious and potentially fatal consequences of a medical malpractice warrant your legal action. Most medical malpractice cases involve a doctor’s negligence.

Product Liability

Some products are unsafe, unreliable, or unfit to perform their purpose. When used unknowingly, a defective product can cause serious injuries including wrongful death, property damage, and economic loss. Canada’s product liability laws allow you to hold either the designer, manufacturer, or seller of a defective product accountable for the negligence that led to your suffering.