Accidents in Self-Driving Cars

In 2022, 353 people died in motor vehicle accidents in Ontario.   How many of those crashes involved self-driving cars? The data for that information doesn’t exist yet – at least, not in Canada.   In the US, however, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has begun collecting data on car crashes involving self-driving […]

Apartment Building Accidents

According to the latest census, nearly 2 million Canadians are now living in condominiums. That number is expected to continue growing in the coming decades.   As more people move into apartment buildings and condominium complexes, it’s important to understand the laws that govern them. Among the pieces of legislation that are most important for […]

Road Rage

According to one study, 78% of Canadian drivers report being a witness to road rage and 51% admit that they’ve engaged in aggressive driving themselves.   As if those numbers aren’t high enough, the incidences of road rage and aggressive driving seem to be increasing in Ontario. This should be concerning to all drivers, because […]

Accidental Death Benefits & Acts of War Exclusions

On January 8, 2020, Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752 was shot down by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), killing all 176 civilian passengers and crew on board.   The tragedy occurred five days after the assassination of Qasem Soleimani by the United States and just hours after Iran had retaliated by launching dozens of […]

No Insurance and Injured?

If you’re injured in an accident in Ontario, there are a few ways to receive compensation for your injuries. One is to apply for Statutory Accident Benefits, which are a form of no-fault insurance available under every Ontario auto insurance policy. The second is to pursue damages under third-party liability coverage, which the injured party […]

Liability Waivers

Under Section 3(1) of the Ontario Occupiers Liability Act, an occupier of premises owes a duty of care to see that the people entering the premises, and their property, are reasonably safe. Under Section 5 of this Act, though, occupiers are permitted to modify, restrict, or limit that duty. In order to do that within […]

At Fault Accidents: Available Benefits and Fault Determination

The Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule (SABS) is Ontario’s no-fault insurance system. Fault does not matter when claiming these benefits through an insurer. Regardless of the existence of no-fault insurance coverage, insurance companies conduct an investigation to determine who was at fault as soon as an accident is reported. This is because fault is important for […]

Long-Term Disability & Income Replacement Benefits with Your Insurer

Ontario has rules preventing double recovery after a motor vehicle accident. Double recovery is when a plaintiff is awarded compensation for the same damages twice; once under the Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule and another through a personal injury claim. When this occurs, a deduction is required for any payments made under the SABS. Importantly, the […]

Loss of Income and Loss of Ability to Work

If you are injured in a motor vehicle accident in Ontario as the result of someone else’s negligence, you are entitled to a number of damages. Some of these damages may include general damages, damages for loss of income or loss of ability to work, and even present and future costs of care. In Herrington […]

Halloween Season Safety Tips for Children

There are nearly 4 million children of prime trick-or-treating age in Canada. Keeping them safe as they do so is the responsibility of all parents and caregivers. On any other night of the year, running from one stranger’s door to another, dressed in dark costumes, and asking for candy, would be considered dangerous. And while […]