No Insurance and Injured?

If you’re injured in an accident in Ontario, there are a few ways to receive compensation for your injuries. One is to apply for Statutory Accident Benefits, which are a form of no-fault insurance available under every Ontario auto insurance policy. The second is to pursue damages under third-party liability coverage, which the injured party […]

Liability Waivers

Under Section 3(1) of the Ontario Occupiers Liability Act, an occupier of premises owes a duty of care to see that the people entering the premises, and their property, are reasonably safe. Under Section 5 of this Act, though, occupiers are permitted to modify, restrict, or limit that duty. In order to do that within […]

At Fault Accidents: Available Benefits and Fault Determination

The Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule (SABS) is Ontario’s no-fault insurance system. Fault does not matter when claiming these benefits through an insurer. Regardless of the existence of no-fault insurance coverage, insurance companies conduct an investigation to determine who was at fault as soon as an accident is reported. This is because fault is important for […]

Long-Term Disability & Income Replacement Benefits with Your Insurer

Ontario has rules preventing double recovery after a motor vehicle accident. Double recovery is when a plaintiff is awarded compensation for the same damages twice; once under the Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule and another through a personal injury claim. When this occurs, a deduction is required for any payments made under the SABS. Importantly, the […]