Abott and Brain Injury Detection

Every year, there are approximately 18,000 hospitalizations for traumatic brain injury in Canada. These injuries occur from blows, bumps, and jolts to the head. They can lead to both temporary and long-term damage to the brain. Although there is a wide range of causes for traumatic brain injury, some of the most common include motor vehicle […]

Psychological Trauma and Insurer’s Ignorance

Income Replacement Benefits (IRBs) are part of Ontario’s Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule (SABS). These payments provide financial relief to victims of motor vehicle accidents whose income is affected by an accident-related injury. Individuals applying for Income Replacement Benefits are required to meet a number of qualifications. Above all, they must demonstrate that their injury is […]

Slip and Fall Notice and Prejudice

The City of Toronto Act gives the municipal government a range of broad powers. These powers allow Toronto’s government to pass by-laws in the areas of public safety, economics, and environmental well-being, among others. Section 42 of this Act states that the City is responsible for keeping roads over which it has jurisdiction in a […]