Damages in Family Law Act Claims

Section 61(1) of the Family Law Act involves the family members of individuals who are injured or killed as a result of another person’s negligence. Spouses, siblings, children, parents, grandchildren, and grandparents are all entitled to recover damages in these cases. Calculating the amount of those damages is difficult. It requires placing a dollar amount […]

Family Law Act Claims

The economic cost of a severe injury is nothing in comparison to the costs incurred by the victim and their family. This is why the Family Law Act allows the family members of personal injury victims to pursue compensation, in some cases. If another person’s negligence led to the injury or death of a loved […]

Self-Driving Autonomous Vehicles and the Future Part 2

Traditionally, an individual who is found to be at “fault” for an accident is liable for the damages and/or injuries that result from that accident. As we discussed last week, self-driving vehicles complicate liability. When a car is marketed as self-driving, autonomous, or capable of an auto-pilot function, it’s unclear whether the human driver or […]